Monarch Butterflies at Winter’s Hill


This is our first sighting of a monarch at Winter’s Hill in June of 2014.


We were excited to find both caterpillars and a chrysalis on July 13!! The caterpillar is feeding on milkweed which we planted 5 years ago. It is the only plant on which monarch caterpillars feed.


The chrysalis was hanging on the lower fence railing just in front of the milkweed plant which is the only host plant on which the caterpillar feeds. There were 3 caterpillars but we only saw 1 chrysalis. On the next picture the chrysalis is hanging on the lower railing and there is a caterpillar on the other.


About Russell Gladhart

A passion for wine, agriculture, and family business has taken me around the world on an exciting tour. Winter's Hill Estate is a family partnership with my wife Delphine and my parents, where we produce Pinot noir, Pinot gris, and Pinot blanc from our 30 acre vineyard in the Dundee Hills.

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