Pinot Gris from Field to Glass

Follow the Pinot Gris as it makes its way from grapes on the vine to juice ready to ferment into wine.

Pinot gris grapes

Many people are surprised at the relative dark, bronze color of the Pinot Gris grape.  It needs to be handled gently to avoid extracting the color from the skins.

Picker carrying bucket

All of our vineyard is harvested by hand. We are grateful to the hard-working pickers who help us bring in our fruit.

Trailer hauling grapes sunny

To quickly transport the fruit to the winery, this year we purchased this nifty trailer.  It carries four bins, each holding 550 lbs of grapes.

Dumping into the press

The whole clusters of grapes are loaded into the press.

Pinot gris juice

The fruit is gently pressed, chilled, and allowed to settle for two days.  It is now ready to begin fermenting into wine.

About Russell Gladhart

A passion for wine, agriculture, and family business has taken me around the world on an exciting tour. Winter's Hill Estate is a family partnership with my wife Delphine and my parents, where we produce Pinot noir, Pinot gris, and Pinot blanc from our 30 acre vineyard in the Dundee Hills.

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