2014 Harvest is Just Weeks Away-Veraison

Color change 2014Veraison-the onset of ripening.

Veraison is the period of development when the berries transition from berry growth to berry ripening. Over the next several weeks the grapes will begin to develop a sweet taste as the sugars begin to develop.

Talking to our winemaker, Shane, this morning he is predicting that harvest will begin in about 4 weeks. Usually at this time of year we are roughly 7 weeks from harvest. The warmer than usual temperatures this year have sped up the growing season. We were also estimating an earlier harvest last year, but a freak rain storm hit and pushed harvest back some. We shall see what the coming weeks bring our way.

The photo above was taken this past Saturday, and the photo below of the clippings was taken on Monday. The grapes are developing quickly!

Veraison 2014

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