So many Apps!

This summer we have seen more and more guests using mobile apps as part of their tasting experience. Some are using them to post reviews of the wines, or to read the reviews of other users.  Others use them to take notes and record the wines that they have tasted in the course of the day.

There are a multitude of apps out there, but here are some of our favorites, and the ones we see guests using most often.  Please let us know if you use one of these apps, and what you enjoy most about it.  Did we miss your favorite?

CellarTracker hosts the largest database of user reviews of wines from around the world.  Their new app looks great, and will make it easier to add wines to your cellar.

Vivino uses image recognition software to identify the wine you are drinking by taking a picture of the label.  Then you can easily post a review, compare prices, or see reviews by other users.

Delectable can also recognize the label and help you learn more about the wine you are using.  Many top sommeliers and chefs from around the world are using Delectable.  You can “follow” other users to see what they are drinking, and post a comment if you see something interesting.  Only available for i-phone, other versions are coming soon.

If you want to stay local, Oregon Wine, the App, was created by Oregonian wine writer and critic Katherine Cole.  It offers an insiders view on the wines and wineries of Oregon.

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