Join Team Winter’s Hill for Fueled By Fine Wine

FBFW15Like Running? Love Running? or Hate Running?

No matter which of these categories you fall under, we guarantee that you will have a fantastic time at the Post Run Wine Festival.

The 2015 event is set for Sunday, July 12, 2015, and registration is open. We would love for you to join the Winter’s Hill Running team for the 2015 edition. Contact our resident runner, Paul, at paul@wintershillwine.com to join.


  • 30 runners to run with us
  • Receive discount code for registration
  • Free Winter’s Hill running shirt
  • Free wine tasting post race at winery

Post Race at Winery1546417_731299590228467_694317359_n

Everyone is welcome to join us for wine tasting, and delicious locally created food with Farmers’ Plate & Pantry food truck. There will be $5 & $10 options available.

Full Race Details and Registration click here.


  1. Will the race go through Winter’s Hill this time around?

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