New Growth and Old Memories

Spring growth at Winter’s Hill Estate

Hiking through the vineyard today, it is clear that the growing season is underway, no matter how reluctantly the cold dreary winter recedes. On May 1 there was nothing but closed, fat pink buds; on May 3rd little green mouse ears were everywhere. Now the shoots of block 5, barely 530 feet in elevation and sheltered by a wood lot, are three to six inches long, with several leaves and two clusters of fruit. In blocks 6, 9 & 10, higher in elevation and windswept, the shoots are only one to three inches long, but pushing forward. Soon we will have to go through and thin out the extra buds, so that the shoots are not too close together. Although bud break this year was two weeks later than “normal”, and a month behind last year, we should still have time to ripen a lovely crop before the normal rainy season of early October.

Blooming Chestnut at Winter’s Hill Estate

In our back yard a large pink horse chestnut tree fills the view from the windows, 35 feet high and 40 feet wide, covered with huge pink blooms and buzzing with bees. Emily’s brother & sister-in-law planted it for us when my father died in May, 1992, and every May it reminds us of my dad, and Bill & Claire, and that the seasons will indeed return as expected.

Peter, Founder & Vineyard Manager

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