A Summer Walk at Winter’s Hill Estate

Great time to leisurely walk around the meadow,

Mallow contrasts with the native bunch grasses.

into the woods

The path is mown through the upland prairie.

and down to the vineyard. Along the way you’ll pass patches of brodiae,

There are 2 naturally occurring clumps of these Brodiae.

Note orange pollen sac.

and False Solomon’s Seal which has gone to seed and likely bumble bees fast at work collecting pollen and eating nectar.

The pollinators did a thorough job on the False Solomon’s Seal.

Watch for the bluebirds and the acorn woodpeckers too. When you get back enjoy a rest at the pond. It is our rain garden, filled with water that drains from the winery roof.

The milkweed grows well at the pond so it is a good place to watch for monarchs. They should arrive soon.

Emily About Emily

Emily founded Winter's Hill Estate with her husband Peter in 1990.

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