Finishing the 2017 Harvest


7 a.m. fog in the valley.

Yesterday we finished picking at Winter’s Hill Estate under sunny skies. The fog in the valley was just beautiful, the air chilly and the sun about to come up as we stated picking.






Pinot blanc as it arrived in totes.

It wasn’t long before first the Pinot blanc was at the winery. The blanc was pressed when it arrived.

After pressing most went into the stainless steel tanks. Some is ferment in barrel.

Block 10 Pinot was the last fruit to be picked. Block 10 is the highest part of the vineyard – about 650 ft. The Pinot noir was “cold soaked” over night and processed this morning. It is now starting the fermentation process in the fermenters. This process takes about 10 – 14 days. Then it will be pressed and aged in barrels.


Pinot noir in fermenters.


Before Thanksgiving we will have all the Pinot in barrel. Till then Russell Gladhart and Jason Kissane confer regularly about the status of the wine.




We are often asked what we do with the stems and seeds. They are spread on the field to decompose. To do so we collect them in the spreader and then with the tractor spread them on the field.





This is an especially interesting time to visit so please don’t hesitate. When weather permits, enjoy a fall picnic, take a walk. We have regular visitors on horseback ( fun@equestrianwinetours.com ).


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Emily founded Winter's Hill Estate with her husband Peter in 1990.

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