Racking 2017 Pinot noir



We are busy in the winery this week as we prepare our 2017 wines for bottling at the end of August.


Today Jason is racking barrels of 2017 Pinot noir.  Racking is the process of gently removing the wine from the barrel while leaving the sediment behind.



We use a special tool called a “Bulldog Pup”  (don’t ask me where the name comes from) to pressurize the barrel with Nitrogen gas and push the wine out and into a tank.  The wine has been resting in these barrels for the last 10 months, so there is an accumulation of sediment at the bottom of the barrel.  After the wine is transferred, we’ll wash the barrels with hot water, and store them until this fall, when they will be filled again.






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A passion for wine, agriculture, and family business has taken me around the world on an exciting tour. Winter's Hill Estate is a family partnership with my wife Delphine and my parents, where we produce Pinot noir, Pinot gris, and Pinot blanc from our 30 acre vineyard in the Dundee Hills.

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