Grafting Chardonnay at Winter’s Hill Estate

The long planned grafting of 1800 Pinot gris plants to Chardonnay was done today. The plants were originally planted in 1993 so the grafts have a well established root system to benefit from. This fall we will have a small harvest. Next year we can make wine!

The trunk head is sawed off and the trunk is ready for grafting.

While this is being done other people are preparing the “wood” which had been in storage since the fall by being cut it to appropriate length. Each trunk receives 2 grafts so the plant will have 2 canes as did the original plant.

We were all there learning from the crew.

First the outer bark is cut away and then a small slit is cut into the “wound” to receive the stick. It is gently tapped into the slit to assure maximum contact.

Then a cut was made for the second stick. Finally it was wrapped.

The process was completed by waxing the graft – tape and all. Now we wait for bud break which seems to be imminent.

6 people were doing the grafting.

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Emily founded Winter's Hill Estate with her husband Peter in 1990.

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