Vineyard Update

June 7th, 2019  -Rapid Growth Phase!

Six weeks after declaring 95 % bud break ( open leaves arrayed perpendicular to the trained cane) we are in the midst of the second canopy tuck of shoots into the 18 inch training wire with many now three feet long reaching up to the third, top wire. The downward pointing portion of our double canopy has been separated and is flopping freely into position (all shoots try to grow upward, but we flip half of them down, increasing the size of our solar collector).  The flower clusters are clearly visible, now 1.5 to 3  inches long for the Pinot Noir, 2 to 4 inches long for the Pinot Blanc. Typical for our vineyard, they average about 1.5 clusters per shoot with the potential of a generous harvest with a normal rate of fruit set, we shall know the results in two to three weeks when the flowers are pollinated.

Our Chardonnay grafting project seems a clear success.  Virtually all of the buds on the new whip -grafted canes now sport small leaves, and for many, there are new shoots 2 to 5 inches long with two or three sets of leaves and small clusters of fruit. We expect a small but uncertain crop from these vines this year, if only because they are budding out six weeks after the rest of the vineyard   – it may well be raining hard in late October before the fruit gets ripe. Next season we expect a normal sized crop load since the mother plants are over 20 years old with a fully developed root system.

Peter Gladhart
Owner & Vineyard Manager

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