Pinot Noir Block 9-Pommard Vertical

2015, 2016 & 2017 Pinot Noir Block 9-Pommard

Pinot noir is sometimes called the Goldilocks grape because it is only happy in the most ideal conditions. If so, then the Pommard Clone section of Block 9 could be called the Goldilocks Block of Winter’s Hill Estate.  It is not the highest or the lowest in elevation. The slope is not the steepest or the flattest, and the soil is neither the deepest or the rockiest. It does not slope due south or west, but in between, slightly favoring the south. The Pinot noir vines grow in balance with the site, neither too vigorous or weak. As a result, this section needs less pruning, thinning, or removal of excess vegetation or fruit. It is neither the first fruit to be harvested or the last, reaching ripeness with full, balanced flavors, sugar and acidity. Flavors of ripe cherry, anise and spice are consistent, with different vintages bringing out nuances of flavor and tannin.

2015 Pinot Noir Block 9-Pommard

“From a warm, southwestern-facing block. · Moderate garnet color in the glass. Charming atoms of Bing cherry, warm spices and herbal oak. Engaging attack of deep cherry flavor accented with a hint of savory herbs and floral goodness. Silky in the mouth, with plenty of sap to satisfy, backed by polished tannins. The finish is grand.”  

 92 points PinotFile

2016 Pinot Noir Block 9-Pommard

“Moderate garnet color in the glass. Aromas of Bing cherry, grilled mushrooms and shaved oak. Deeply-flavored essence of dark red cherry and berry offering an intense attack and middle palate presence. Well-crafted, with integrated tannins and plenty of finishing goodness.”

 91 points PinotFile

2017 Pinot Noir Block 9-Pommard

“This has dark color and deep, rich dark cherries in abundance with a nicely formed palate that is wrapped around a core of sturdy, muscular tannin and carries handy depth of flavor. Drink in the next six years.”

92 points Jamessuckling.com

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