Dear friends, 

It’s hard to know what to say. At this time, the Gladhart Family and our team of exceptional employees are still healthy. We hope the same remains true for you as well. Our top priority is to protect the health of our team and our customers, clients, and guests. Secondly, we have an obligation to our employees to help them provide for themselves and their families. Third, we are stewards of the land that we farm, and we must continue to care for it. Please read on to learn some of the things we are doing and how you can help.

The winery is still open for bottle purchases online, by phone or email. A tremendous thank you to the many club members and guest that have ordered wine over the past weeks! We are grateful for the support, and we hope that our wine has helped to improve a few evenings spent cooped up inside your home. We are here at the winery almost every day, but we are not always able to answer the phone, so please leave a message or send an email if you would like to get in touch.

As so many of you are doing, we have adapted our work to create physical separation between us. Fortunately, winemaking and growing grapes often mean working alone, so our adaptation has been easier than for many people. Russell and Assistant Winemaker Jason have divided their schedule, so for the most part, only one of them is in the winery at a time. Winemakers typically spend lots of time cleaning their tanks and equipment, and now we have greatly expanded the list of things that need to be cleaned and sanitized multiple times each day. Paul is working from home, staying connected with our club members and customers through phone, email, and video. In the vineyard, we have plenty of space to spread out. These adaptations will become much more challenging if this situation lasts until harvest time, but for the time being, it is working. At least it is working as far as the work goes. We all miss the social aspects of our work, and the time that we spend visiting! with each other and our customers throughout the day. We’re looking forward to being able to end the day with a shared glass of wine on the patio!

We are grateful to the extra effort that all of our employees and service providers have put in to help us through these challenges. We are committed to maintaining the full salaries and benefits of all of our full time employees. You have been there for us, and we plan to be there for you.

As Spring blossoms in the Dundee Hills, our vineyards seem quite unaware that anything is amiss in the world. Buds are swelling, grass (and weeds) are growing. Tractors are coming out of the barn, equipment is being installed, and the work goes on. We cannot leave our vines and fields for a few months, and come back to them later in the summer. We can only care for them now, and hope that when their fruit ripens, we will be able to once again make wine to share with our members and guests from around the world.

We have built our business over the past 30 years with the help of many people, particularly the people who purchase our wine and share it with their family and friends. We will certainly need your help in the months ahead, as will many other small business and organizations. While there are many worthy organizations, we hope you will join us in supporting the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center. They provide health care services to the essential migrant and seasonal agricultural workers in the Willamette Valley. Now, more than ever, they need our help. Working together, we can overcome this tremendous challenge.

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Best Wishes,

Russell, Emily, Peter, Jason & Paul