Perfect Pairings Box

YKnot Ranch Cows

Winter’s Hill Estate & Y-Knot Ranch have partnered to bring you a very special opportunity to pair delicious award winning Pinot Noir, and all-natural grass-fed American Kobe style beef from a local family-owned ranch here in the Willamette Valley.

Y-Knot Ranch

Y-Knot Ranch is a family ranch tucked in the foothills of the coastal range outside Carlton, OR. We believe happy heifers produce a prime quality meat that you will taste in every bite. We humanely raise every heifer with a pampered lifestyle that is natural and chemical free. Happy stress-free cows with proper green nutrition develop the marbling for tender meat and a unique flavor you cannot find anywhere else.

We have a holistic approach to every aspect of the ecosystem on Y-Knot Ranch. Throughout the property there are dozens of fruit trees for heifers and visiting wildlife to enjoy. The fields are a comprehensive selection of 4 layers f high protein and palatable forage to optimize all seasons throughout the year. The heifers are given a mineral/diet supplement daily with vitamins and topped off with homemade mead produced from honey collected from bees on the property to help with digestion. When it comes to wintertime the animals enjoy the comforts of covered structures with plenty of clean bedding and free-for-all feeding of silage from our fields. When the days are clear the girls enjoy “the beach” – a sandy area with a view of the valley.

How it works

Twice a year (June & November) receive a box filled with 3 bottles of Winter’s Hill Estate Pinot Noirs and 10 lbs. of Y-Knot Ranch beef. These boxes are available for pick up only at Winter’s Hill Estate or Y-Knot Ranch.

Shipping is not available at this time. Pick up only.

Perfect Pairings Box:

  • $250 – each shipment
  • 3 Winter’s Hill Estate Pinot Noirs
  • 10 lbs. of Y-Knot Ranch beef
    • ~5 lbs steak
    • ~5 lbs ground beef and/or sausage

Double Box:

  • $475 – each shipment
  • 6 Winter’s Hill Estate Pinot Noirs
  • 20 lbs. of Y-Knot Ranch beef
    • ~10 lbs steak
    • ~10 lbs ground beef and/or sausage