Taken last week.

I’ve been checking for eggs on the milkweed for some time now. I’m anxious to know that the monarchs will find the milkweed again! Our patches are well established, planted in 2010, and each patch has from 10 to 20 flower stalks. It is still early. Don’t usually see larva until July.
This year I planted seed directly into the ground and set out one yr. old plants in several new places. I’d mixed the seed with damp saw dust and let it winter over outside on the porch. It germinated beautifully and is growing well – but slowly. It is easy to get discouraged with milkweed because it is a slow growing plant until it gets well established. The seedlings are 1 1/2″ high and in need of thinning. The young plants are 12″ high but don’t have any flower stalks. (The established plants by contrast are 10 to 20″ tall and have big flower buds.) Maybe they will flower later in the season.

Underside of leaf might offer protection. Have found eggs on top of and under leaves.

I’m hoping people will take heart that it is a slow process reestablishing milkweed knowing monarchs are dependent upon our being patient! They have to have milkweed in order to survive! Let’s plant,. plant, plant!
Always welcome to come out to Winter’s Hill Estate to see the milkweed/monarch project!

July should bring us monarchs as well as larva and chysalises!