Published May 9, 2024

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At Winter’s Hill we are strong believers that the primary purpose of wine is to make your life just a little bit more enjoyable. It doesn’t need to be complicated. However, it is also fun to dig a little deeper and think about why one wine is different from another, and which you prefer.

The Basics

A Vertical Tasting is when we taste two or more wines from the same vineyard that are grown and fermented in different years.

When comparing wine characteristics in a vertical tasting, we can’t eliminate all of the variables that impact a wine’s flavor and quality. But, a vertical tasting does allow us to keep the vineyard and winemaker constant. This constant then allows us to look at how the different growing seasons are expressed in the wine.

We’re adding a vertical tasting component to our Winemaker’s Anthology tastings May 17-19 and May 24-26. We look forward to sharing this experience with you. (Again, all wine experiences are welcome!)