Published January 25, 2024

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There are many ways to craft a delicious wine, and different winemakers will almost certainly disagree as to the “right” way to make a Rosé.  However, there are also some “wrong” ways to do it, such as starting with a white wine and adding red wine until it turns pink.

At Winter’s Hill, we make our Rosé every year, and we have been fine-tuning our style over the past 20 years. We always use 100% Pinot noir from the block of the vineyard that will give us the best quality.

We select a higher elevation block where we can get ripe fruit flavors with slightly lower sugar levels. (Lower sugar in the fruit means lower alcohol in the wine, which is more enjoyable to drink on a warm afternoon.🙂)

With juicy flavors of strawberry, melon, and citrus, our 2023 Rose’ of Pinot noir is a wine you can enjoy at any occasion. But it tastes particularly delicious when paired with fresh air and a good friend.