Winter's Hill Single Block Series Pinot noir

About our Single Block Pinot noir

One  of the magical properties of Pinot noir is the way the wines can reflect their origins: the soil, slope, and elevation of the vineyard where they are grown creates wines with unique aroma, flavor and structure.  The wines from different parts of our vineyard are consistently different from each other, and helping each block of the the vineyard express it’s unique character is one of the most gratifying parts of winemaking.

Our 26 acre vineyard is made up of over a dozen different blocks, ranging in size from less than half an acre to 5 acres.  Each block has unique characteristics such as elevation, slope, and the rootstock and fruiting wood of the vines.  Each block is unique, and so are the wines that they produce.

We created the Single Block Series to capture those differences and allow our guests and members to enjoy and appreciate them.  Each of our Single Block wines is made up of a few barrels selected from one partic