Published December 7, 2023

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The beginning of harvest comes in a rush, as we hustle to pick the fruit at peak condition. Work starts at sunrise (or earlier) and often ends late in the evening. Sunscreen and cold drinks are essential. The winery fills up quickly, each tank needing individual attention as the fruit ferments at its own pace. As the weeks go by and fermentation is complete, we press the Pinot noir and put it into small tanks to settle.

Now, in early December, we are transferring the last Pinot noir into oak barrels to age and develop over the winter. Beanies have replaced sun-hats, and we are drinking more coffee and tea. Each barrel is marked to identify the vineyard block that it came from. Next spring we will begin the process of tasting and selecting the barrels that will go into our Single Block wines, but for now, both the wine and the winemakers need a rest.